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Hametz Sale 2021

Because the prohibition against Hametz during Passover is so severe, we do not limit ourselves to simply cleaning our homes of leaven for these days.  We also “sell” the Hametz to a non-Jew who will “own” that Hametz throughout Pesach.  To facilitate this transaction, you may appoint Rabbi Carter as your emissary (sh’licha) in this mitzvah of selling your Hametz (but remember, selling Hametz does not free you from preparing your home for Pesach – freedom doesn’t come easily! If you are going to be in your home during Passover, you must still clean and remove the Hametz within).

I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Carie Carter to act in my place and stead and on my behalf to sell all Hametz possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. Hametz, doubt of Hametz, and all Hametz mixtures) and to lease all places wherever the Hametz owned by me may be found, especially in the premises listed below.  I am empowered to effect this sale for myself, for other members of my household, and for any other person having an interest in other property or space for which I am responsible, as enumerated below.   As such, I appoint Rabbi Carie Carter of the Park Slope Jewish Center (1320 8th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY) as my agent for this purpose, and to rent or lease the property where the Hametz is located.  I give her full authority to appoint another agent in her place, and the authority for that agent to further assign the agency. The above-given power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinical regulations and laws, and also in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and the United States.  And to this, I hereby affix my signature on this day.

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Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782